Upgrading graphics card to support non-gaming triple monitor set up

I'm looking to add a third screen to my set up. This machine isn't used for gaming - mostly productivity, development and multimedia. The new screen will be run in portrait orientation.

Currently running a nVidia 9800GT 500mb with 8GB DDR2 RAM and a AMD Phenom II 965 CPU. This card can run two 24" screens fine.

I run Ubuntu so nVidia for the replacement card is probably wise. Two DVIs and a HDMI output looks like a sensible choice. The two current screens support DVI and the third new screen has DVI and HDMI.

The Asus Nvidia GeForce GT 640 Graphics Card 2GB DDR3 is the budget choice - £67. Would this be able to run the 3 screens?

Another more expensive choice is the GTX 750 Ti. Is this worth the extra money?

What other recommendations can you give?

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  1. I would get neither. I would go with r7 260 becuase is cheaper than 750 and supports unlike gt 640.http://m.newegg.com/Product/index?itemnumber=N82E16814127780
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