Yet another 2GB vs 4Gb graphics card question - consdiering GPU strength


So I'm thinking of upgrading my graphics card and I've come to the 2GB or 4GB question. I've read various threads on here where various opinions are given. And I'm still not sure which is better. I'd obviously like a card that'll last the next 5 years, as my last one has. And I know future games are going to be more VRAM intensive than now.

So I was edging towards a lower end 4GB card. And then i read this:

Where they pretty much say the GPU on the card isn't strong enough to run 4gigs of RAM - if I understand them correctly. (Please correct me if I'm wrong about that).

So my questions is, even I dig deeper into my wallet and get a more expensive card- how do I know the GPU will be strong enough to deal with the RAM? I've read here people recommending the ATI R9 280x - and that just scrapes into the top end of my price range. Is the GPU on that card strong enough?

Also, I'm running an i7 930 on a gigabyte x58 UD3R motherboard with 12 GB RAM - would that effect the performance of the GPU's ability to deal with the VRAM? I'm aware the GPU and the CPU are two separate things :). I built the machine after all. I'm just wondering if the CPU can also cause slow down of video processing?
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  1. I don't recommend a 760 at 4 gb of ram. I am fairly certain a 770 cant use all 4gb without bogging down performance let alone a 760. A 2gb 770 would be better and cheaper than 280x while offering same performance. The amount vram wont be a problem since you have more than 8 gb of ram on system. I do plenty of video encoding (sony vega) and my i5 4670k gets put at 99%. Your cpu will be pushed to the max with video processing.
  2. Thanks for your reply. I realise I made a slight mistake with my English which has caused confusion. I'm a native speaker but no technical expert.

    My last sentence talked about video processing. Sorry, I'm not going to be doing any video editing, post production effects or anything like that. Just gaming. What I meant with my crude terminology was whether my CPU is going to influence the speed with which my pc can work the game graphics.

    To make it clear, I'm going to be gaming at 1080p for the next couple of years. I read that the 760 card won't be able to handle 4 GB ram. Will the 280x? And if I go for a 770 2GB instead will that handle future games.

    I'd like to bo play at ultra now but am happy to drop to generally high settings later.
  3. A 4GB 760 costs the same as 770 and it's a no contest: 770 wins easily. The only cards that can use 4gb are 290, 290x, and Titan. Any other cards with 4 gb of vram just can't keep decent frames running all 4 gb since it's usually max detail and 8x MSAA. The 280x is to expensive in US, but might be different for you . Gtx 770 and 280x almost have same preformance with 280x having 5 percent preformance lead. With 770/280x, pretty much all games with be maxed at 1080p and both black ops games will be maxed at about 80% load. Lastly, your processor is still very powerful so you will have no problem gaming with it for now.
  4. Thanks, that answers my question very well. The 280x comes in cheaper where I am, in czech...but I'm going to explore prices a little further.
  5. As above. The only reason you would get the 760/770 4Gb would be if you were going to SLI, and therfore have enough GPU power to utilize 4gb effectively (as vRam doesnt stack with SLI).
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