What is currently the most powerful GPU that requires a single PCIe power connector?

I've recently bought a GTX 660, so I've been wondering if I've bought the best card my Corsair CX430 could run without using converters or not (it only has 1 x PCIe 6+2 power connector).

In a different note, do you think an i3 2100 would be a bottleneck to a GTX 660 at 1080p gaming?

Feels great to be back here.
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  1. Yes, 660 probably the best card for power supply.i3 should bottleneck 660 due the fact is dual core processor and high gaming requires quad core processors. You can run 750 ti with no connectors. :)
  2. Thanks for the reply. :) I couldn't wait for the Maxwell mid rangers and GTX 760 is priced around $150-180 more than the 660 here, and it also needs two power connectors, so the 660 was pretty much my only option.

    Also wanted to know if the cooling on the Zotac Synergy edition is actuallh better than the standard edition with two fans because the core clock is higher on my Synergy edition. It also seems to use a completely different thermal solution. Any ideas?
  3. This is actually quite common. Pretty every card several variants and core clock speed also varies. Yes, the synergy which is definitely better the stock cooling solution, but the gtx 660 runs pretty cool regardless, so excessive heat won't be problem.
  4. It's a bit non-intuitive to think that the single-fan edition is the cooler one. Thanks again for your help.

    The card actually reaches 74C under load in my cramped mATX case. I will be going for a new case as well in a couple of weeks. I had my eyes on the HAF 912 Advanced as it comes with 2 200mm and 1 120mm fans preinstalled. Would you recommend anything else in the $70 budget? :)
  5. I own a apevia one and use my 7970 within it which is a 13 inch which is very massive so you should have space problem even with the biggest parts. Do let the picture fool, case is huge!
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