windows 8 doesnt recognize ethernet cable, but the led on the network jack works

just installed windows 8 on a new computer and its not recognizing the ethernet cable.
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  1. LEDs will blink even when computer is OFF. Most probably you have no drivers for your Ethernet card.
    What is the computer, and what is the Ethernet card in it?
  2. Its a computer i built, its using a z87 Fatl1ty Killer mobo, i dont know what ethernet card it uses, but it says killer e2200 game networking on the ethernet jack.

    Confirmed, the ethernet card is killer e2200.
  3. just had to download the drivers onto my usb and to the new pc thank you for the advice!
  4. Just had to install the drivers, as i had no internet connection i used my laptop to put it on a usb.
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