Inexpensive router for a stable connection and gaming +wireless?

My current router is a 20$ Belkin thing. Whenever my modem act up, internet cut for 2 seconds or for no apparent reason, the Router drop my connection until i unplug replug it.

That is very bad because i run important stuff on my computer while i sleep.

I'm also an avid gamer, so reasonable latency and stability is important to me. I will NOT game on wireless, but i do want wireless available for my cellphone and other handhelds.

Do i really need a 150-200$ gamer router if i just want a reliable gaming experience for 2 wired computer + wireless for handhelds?
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  1. I have a basic NETGEAR router and it works fine to me. I consistently pull 2.5-3 MBS downloading off Steam, and webpages don't take long to load. The only time I have internet issues is if I have 5 people connected to it at the same time, but that's to be expected. The wireless is good throughout my house, and the wired connection to my desktop is good. I can find the exact model and get you a link when I get home, if you'd like.
  2. Maybe, but top speed isint a router thing, latency can be. I'm hoping someone who knows routers can tell if if there are an affordable solution for a router with reasonable performance for a gamer/miner.

    I need decent latency and stability (prevent latency spikes as much as possible and doesn't need to be rebooted manually when hiccup happens) for 2 simultaneous gaming computer +wireless feature for occasional handheld downloads.

    For instance i get get under 10ms latency when directly connected to modem, but latency go to 40-100ms through this router for 1 gamer and then 150ms + 300-500ms spikes when 2 computers are simultaneous gaming/doing internet stuff.

    If your netgear respect that, yes please :)
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