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After long and happy 3 years of using my Razer Lycosa I decided to get a new keyboard.

After doing some searching etc etc I think I've found the perfect keyboard for me, and that is the Steelseries Apex RAW. It's not expensive, looks nice, and has great reviews.

I want to be sure it's a good choice, I'm not willing to pay any more than 50GBP / 80USD, I want it to have at least basic back lighting, and I don't care if it's not mechanical. Any recommendations are welcome and I will definitely check them out.

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  1. It looks great! A keyboard is a keyboard! LOL :)
    It has good reviews. Have you considered wireless?
    Happy computing! :)
  2. Most gaming keyboards are wired, but I don't really mind if it's wireless as long as it has good battery life, but with back lit keys I'm not sure there's an option with decent battery life.

    Found the Steelseries Apex RAW I was looking for on for only 30GBP / 50USD, will order it today.

    Thanks for replying.
  3. Sure! That looks like it will be a good keyboard. Enjoy!
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