looking for touch screen DVD player for car

hi all
I am looking for DVD player with these spec,
- touch screen
- hard disk, usb, and sd card
- price less then 250$

I need your advice please, if you can tell me which brand and model I take !!!?

thank you,
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    You will not find a quality one with everything you want and in that price range brand new. You can get a Sony XAV-65, which is a decent head unit, for $250. It has close to everything you want other than the hard drive or sd card slot. I used it in an install I did for one of my apprentices and he likes it quite a bit. We did use the bluetooth one which most likely will be over your budget though. There are a couple good JVC ones in that range as well that are decent as well.
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  2. Not touch
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  3. Thanks all
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