if you use a rj11 cable to move a fibre modem and you get the same speed is that ok

i would like to move my fibre modem if i use rj11/rj11 cable and i get the same speed as before i moved it should that be ok
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  1. Could you give some more detail? That question doesn't make sense to me. If it's a fibre modem, you can't use an rj11 cable to extend the fibre. Is it a good old-fashioned phoneline modem? Or the one from your Internet service provider? Make, model, and which side you are trying to use the wire on (to your equipment or out to the world) would help.
  2. Note to all: The OP PMed me with the following. I still don't understand; would someone try to elicit more information?

    i would like to move my fibre modem if i plug an extension rj11 into the wall socket then back into the modem would that work
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