Re-install drivers every time I go from NV Surround to 3 monitors?

Using latest 335.23 drivers on 780ti, win7 64, and every time I go from NV Surround to 3 monitors, I have to reinstall the drivers. I uncheck the box in Surround Configuration, hit apply, and nothing happens but the check box fills itself back in. PIA to do this every time because it did work at one tome with earlier drivers. Any ideas on this?
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    Might be a bug, could fall back to an earlier driver
  2. Thanks for your reply, Tradesman1. Yes and no is what I think. I decided to clean out all of my old installations of GeForce drivers, down to the registry level. When everything was cleaned of Nvidia items, I reinstalled 332.21 and now, all is well. So, I think we were both right. But, thanks for the nudge in the right direction toward drivers as the root cause.
  3. Just glad you got it straightened out, good troubleshooting ;)
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