Bottle-necking Nvidia's GTX 780 Ti (i7-4820k @ 4.5Ghz vs i7-4930k @ 4.5Ghz)

My question is will Intels i7-4820k overclocked at 4.5Ghz allow the GTX 780Ti to run at 100% performance. Is there any bottleneck their either way?

Is it worth the additional $250 (money certainly being a factor) for the 6-core i7-4930k??

Both CPU's would be overclocked to 4.5 ghz on the Sabertooth X79 w/ 16Gb quad-channel memory.
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  1. You clear it easily.
  2. an i5 4670k can not bottleneck SLI 780 TI, these i7's won't be troubled.

    It's probably not worth really worth it buying the 4820K over the 4770K even.
  3. anything past a 4670k and you wont see any appreciably fps gain for any game made. if you want some extra insurance, just get a 4770k. a 4820k@4.5 vs a 4770k@4.5 is going to take synthetics to show a difference and it will be minimal. the huge difference is that you have to shell out for a pricy 2011 socket for the 4820k. if this is purely for gaming, there is no reason to go past a 4770k and its 1150 socket. you would get more fps in games by getting a 780ti model that allows for extreme overclocking like the evga classified 780ti kingpin.
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