Monitor Choice (Need Help Badly)

I was looking around a list of monitors and found this two that have interested me. The only problem is that i don't know which one is better. They are basically the same in specs except input and contrast ratio.

This one has only VGA, but has 50M:1 Contrast Ratio

This one has both VGA and DVI, but has 5M:1 Contrast Ratio

Mobo: Gigabyte F2A75M-D3H
Processor: AMD A10-6800k Richland

Thanks in advance. BTW, these are the one that are available for me (the others in this price range doesn't even compare to this two.)

Or can I have something better with the same price?

edit: I'm from Philippines. This is for my main monitor, I'm just using a CRT now. HAHA
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  1. Don't know much about either monitors, I just know that simply using VGA for my graphics output on my old computer made everything look just horrible and smudgy and it sucks. I would just go with the one for DVI, especially with a relatively decent APU like that.
  2. I know that there is a difference between VGA and DVI in terms of overall clarity. But would 50M:1 Contrast Ratio overcome this difference for being only a VGA in comparison to 5M:1 Contrast Ratio with DVI.
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    It would really only help if you were using the monitor for any type of intense professional graphics designing or such. Assuming you aren't, either one would be fine.
  4. Actually im just gonna use it to watch some movies and play nba 2k14. So, i'll just probably toss a coin.
  5. Good choice. Even if I was doing graphics design and such, I would still value the better clarity from DVI. Maybe it's not as bad with other monitors, but with my old one, it was just night and day.
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