Best DAS array for under $700?

Ok so up until now I've been using a Drobo 2nd Gen (4bay) DAS as my storage array for movies (I have over 5TB's of 1080p content). Back when I first got it, it was fine however over time it's starting to slow down over all and I need more speed for copying large files as well as better operation for my home theater in general when queuing up the movies for play. Also it's been acting strange lately so I think I should take the the hint and replace before all my data is lost at some point from the array failing (had it since 2008). I was thinking about going the NAS route so I could truly use it as a home server and store other things including backups of other computers however it's main purpose is movies and I have an issue in my house where I can't run CAT5 through the house so I'm relying on Wireless from the wireless router for internet in everywhere in the house except my office (where the router is located); streaming high profile 1080P content over wireless is a no go. So now I'm back to using a DAS but I don't know which to pick...

I've looked at the newest Drobo units but they have AWFUL reviews and I don't want to risk my data when I see many many people saying they are horrible. Who else makes an affordable (under $700) DAS? I wish that Synology units could be used as NAS or DAS but they are NAS only and I like the flexibility of being able to mix and match drive sizes that Drobo and Synology offer. Are there any units out there you guys would recommend?
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  1. is your drobo connected usb2 or firewire?
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