An IPS monitor under 200 USD

Wanna buy a IPS monitor without any backlighting bleeding,wide color gamut of NTSC,CIE,sRGB.
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  1. Sorry, not going to happen.

    Even $600 IPS monitors usually tend to have issues with backlight bleeding...

    and for $200, you'd be pitting a VERY low end ips panel verses what's starting to get into the good TN panels... I would be willing to bet that a top quality TN panel beats a low quality IPS panel, even in terms of color, and in terms of evenness guaranteed. (And almost certainly in terms of latency - a low end IPS panel will be unplayable if you're trying to game.)
  2. Oh brother!! Damn. Whatever,what do you think about the new HP Z series with dual IPS panel?
  3. They look pretty decent, although I would rather put together a rig with workstation-class parts, myself... and that becomes even more attractive if you don't need all the redundancies built into them and can just buy a regular computer.

    I personally bought an Iiyama prolite-xb2779qs-1, which is their flagship 1440p IPS monitor for Europe. I'm actually now trying to sell it, because although I love the size and resolution, I find myself using my 120Hz monitor more. The other thing, that's a big sticking point for me, is that IPS actually has worse colors than TN does when the monitor's brightness is all the way to low, like you would use when gaming at night.

    Long story short, great monitor, not for me, but I have experience with it and with both high- and low- end TN panels and can answer questions for you.

    What are you going to be using this monitor for?
  4. Heavy photographic works. Editing,sorting. BR movies. But friend....who are you? Amazing your knowledge is with the computing matters! Wanna stick with you on :D
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    Sorry, I don't use facebook much, but you're more than welcome to send me PM's on Tom's with questions you might have. I'm just an english major who loves computers. :)

    Are these photographs going to be printed, and if so, are you looking for a monitor that's as close to what's going to come out of the printer as possible? Because if so, I'm afraid you're going to have to spend at least $400, and get a monitor calibrating system on top of that.

    If that doesn't matter as much, I would just go with a good TN panel. You can calibrate it using online tools and get something that's still vivid and good looking, and doesn't have the issues that low-end IPS panels have.
  6. How much a standard calabrating unit does cost? What are the names of good TN diplay?
  7. I suggest you read this Tom's hardware article to get a general idea of the theory first:,3615.html

    Tom's has a guide for using the Spyder 4 Elite, which is $250 - cheap for a calibrating unit that actually does what it's supposed to, and has a proper sensor.

    As for a good TN display, I'm partial to the Asus VH238H - it's about $160 for a 23", 1080p TN panel with 4ms input latency, a good contrast ratio, and very good color when tuned a little.
  8. Thank you my sable friend. ;) yea, I know about this monitor. Quite good with the colors. Less ghosting it produces also. Black on the edges gets seen a little but thats not an issue. By the way,if you ever make any knowledge about the HP Z series,please share your views with me. That segment really attracts me. Frankly I said. :)
  9. Is this S2240L monitor glass-coated?
  10. AniAM said:
    Is this S2240L monitor glass-coated?

    Glass-coated? As in, does it have an anti-reflective coating on the surface?

    I believe not, but unfortunately that's not something that monitors are usually measured by, so it's not easy information to find.
  11. Please suggest me a good monitor,I dont think this one as a good one. My budget is 200 dollars. Please,please suggest me a good one ASAP. IPS,wide gamut,anti-glare are my requirements.
  12. The best one I could recommend to you with those specs would be the Dell UltraSharp U2212HM.

    Wonderful monitor - haven't heard anything but rave reviews for it.
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