Scythe grand kama cross 2 vs Cooler master 212 evo

Hi Everyone,

I have a 4570 CPU on a H87 fatal1ty motherboard. Now I'm running on the stock cooler which is very noisy and I want to buy an after market one. After looking on the internet for such a cooler I am now between Scythe grand kama cross 2 and Cooler master 212 evo. Which one do you recommend?
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  1. Check this out the Scythe grand kama cross 2 out performs the coolermaster v8gts the evo 212 has no hope.
    but if you on a budget then the evo will be a option
    Interms of noise the Scythe grand kama cross 2 With 12V running at a speed of 1300 RPM, 45dB of noise level.
    The evo 212 stays under 40dB at 36dB max so if budget is not a problem and you dont mind a bit of noise the scythe is your best bet. Please dont forget to choose solution thanks ask if you need more
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