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Hi Guys,
I have 2 monitors that I would like to Eyefinity, one of which is a 22" LG Flatscreen at 1920 x 1080 and the other is a Dell 17" at 1280 x 1024. It it possible to Eyefinity them without it going out of range?
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  1. Quote:
    While SLS mode does not require all monitors to be of the same resolution, SLS mode will force each monitor to match the smallest resolution on any of the displays you’re combining. For example, a 1680x1050 monitor paired with two 1920x1200 monitors will force the 1920x1200 monitors to 1680x1050 before they’re combined for a final SLS resolution of 5040x1050. For this reason, we do strongly encourage all monitors to have, at the very least, the same resolution. Provided you meet this technical requirement, we think you’ll find the effect of SLS to be absolutely breathtaking.
  2. Thanks, we read that but everytime we tried it, it just said 'Out of Range'
  3. What size array are you trying to make? The max resolution you can do is limited by the smallest denominator in this case 1280x1024 which would equal 3840x1024.

    Also what GPU are you using and what brand of active display port adapter.
  4. GPU is an Radeon HD 6870, the Adapter is made by Sodial
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