Router with Tomato's Features - Static DHCP / DNS Integration and OpenVPN Server

Are there routers out there that rival Tomato's ease of use and feature set? The primary features that make Tomato awesome for my home network are the ability to assign "static" DHCP entries based upon Mac address, and by giving these entries a hostname, Tomato's DNS server is able to resolve addresses for these. This is very easy to do with the UI and does not require administration of a Bind9 server, expert linux skills etc.

The only problem is that Tomato is running on a very old Linksys router with only 4 LAN ports, old WiFi protocol, etc.

I would like to buy a new, faster, shinier router but I don't know if any of them come "out-of-the-box" with Tomato's Static UI-driven, DHCP / DNS Server integration capabilities.

I am also interested in setting up an OpenVPN server on my router, but that is less important to me than having Static DHCP / DNS integration on the router.

Does anyone know of routers that can do this with their native O/S? Or even a suggestion of how to search for them.

Lastly, I can't get into the enterprise price range, I'm looking for something under, say $500. Also, WiFi is not crucial on the router, I wouldn't mind attaching a WAP behind the router.
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  1. Get yourself a Netgear wnr3500L and flash it to TomatoUSB.

    Thats what I have and works great.
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