For sale: Corsair h80i, Cooler Master HAF XM case, Nintendo 3ds+games

Corsair h80i, Cooler Master HAF XM case, Nintendo 3ds+games for sale.

Paypal only, USA only, the case may cost a bit of money to ship, I did a rough estimate to a town an hour from me and it would cost about 30 dollars to ship it. Going to ship from United States Post office, I live in a small town where the UPS place closed down several years ago, and no Fedex depot here. If you want the item quicker you can pay a little more for the quicker shipping if you desire.

The watercoolers were only lightly used for 3 months, never overclocked on them. On the h100i I have everything for it, the h80i was my bro's and he only has the stuff to mount it to AMD as his cpu is AMD. Everything works, but obviously is sold as-is. The black nintendo regular 3ds was only used a couple times, I just never got into handheld gaming. The Cooler Master HAF XM is an excellent case, I just downsized to the smaller and more lightweight Cooler Master Elite 430 a little while ago. I cleaned the stock thermal paste off the watercoolers the best I could. The CM HAF XM case has side Apevia 200mm green led fan, top Cooler Master non led 200mm fan, top purple UV Xigmatek 200mm fan, and front red 200mm Cooler Master fan, as well as Cooler Master 140mm exhaust fan.

Everything is used, and thus, has some dust on it from use. The HAF XM case has enough motherboard standoffs for a micro atx mobo, I lost the couple other screws it came with over time, I have had it a year and a half now. Very roomy and cool temp case. Has some case stickers from Corsair Power supply, intel cpu, samsung ssd, sapphire gpu.

h100i- $70 -SOLD

h80i- $50

Cooler Master HAF XM case- $50 + WHATEVER SHIPPING COSTS (very important to note this) basically giving it away, the fans alone are worth the price. My loss is your gain.

Nintendo black regular 3ds - $80

Fire Emblem Awakening- $20
Shin Megami Tensei 4 limited edition never opened- $40

Message me and let's work something out :D
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  1. Bump, make me an offer :) I'm open
  2. sent PM your way
  3. h100 is spoken for
  4. Might be interested in that h80i. I would have to hunt down an Intel mounting bracket though.
  5. I felt SO bad when my bro couldn't find the small box where he stored his extra screws,etc.

    The h80i physically HAS the mounting bracket in the box, it's just missing the 2 other nuts and the 4 screws and stuff to mount it to the intel mobo, so it's more of missing the screws haha.

    it has this, but, needs the screws/nuts. I'm going to try my best to look for it though, he's a bit less organized than I keep my stuff haha.

    but, it's missing these screws/nuts as shown in the pic below...

    the h100i should be shipping out in roughly an hour or so and I'll get the tracking number for you carowden
  6. sounds good, thank you!
  7. Just a bump to say that WhiteSnake shipped out my stuff quickly and it all worked perfectly.

    Thanks again!
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