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So basically im deciding to upgrade to dual monitors, well first lets get this out of way i have a gtx 660 so im pretty sure that supports dual monitior correct?
What i want to do though is have the one monitor on my desk (the main one i will have my full screen gaming going on) then i want above that my 2nd monitor mounted to the wall. Would this be able to work? i mean ill probably have to drag things to the right of the screen to bring them to second monitor instead of going straight up yanno. Or would there be a way to fix that? if not ima prob end up just putting them next to each other.
my reason for wanting the 2nd screen above is wanting to save desk space mostly and its something different
would love the suggestions :D
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    No matter where you physically put the second monitor, you may still need to mouse scroll off laterally(left or right depending on how the 2nd display was detected) to get to the other monitor. That is the only jarring thing I could see happening. I don't know if landscaping the displays makes that different or not.

    My 2nd display is off to the right side of my main display. I usually just alt+tab to a window that I previously moved to the second display, to access it. That is one way you could avoid side scrolling to the second display.
  2. Ahh well appreciate the answer im just going to end up putting them side by side i suppose
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