My £250-£300 gaming PC + some ideas for a low budget gaming PC

I would like to share my low budget gaming PC and see what people think, also this might help when choosing parts for a low cost gaming PC

Motherboard: Gigabyte H61m-USB3 motherboard - £38
This motherboard is great, it has 4 DIMMs and two PCI ports. It is very nice for the cost, though the BIOS looks a little dated.

Processor: Intel G2020 2.9ghz Dual core - £40
A very cheap processor. It is not extremely powerful, but it does the job. More cores would be nice, but it performs well still.

Memory: Standard 16gb 1333Mhz RAM - £50 (I got this back when RAM was cheap)
My father sold me this ram, before this he had owned it for a few months.
I would suggest getting 8Gb instead as this would be a lot cheaper at today's prices and 16gb is a little overkill.

Graphics card - AMD PowerCooler 7770 Ghz edition - £70
This graphics card has done me fine. Very good for the price - It was the budget graphics card on Toms Hardware for march 2014.

I can't remember what my case is called, but it was pretty generic - £20
So was my PSU - £25

Harddrive regular 500gb harddrive - £35
Again, I got this from my dad, it has only 140 mb/s disc speed, but better harddrives are available today. You could even go a little more expensive and get a 128GB ssd, this would speed up the system.

Total: £278

I do not have many computer heavy games, but here are a few details on FPS and so on
I tested these with a 1280*1024 moniter
-Minecraft full settings 50 FPS, Usually about 100 with them turned down a little.
-Tf2 out of combat I was getting 60FPS, 30 in an explosive battle. Very high settings.
-Left4dead2 high settings I was getting 30-40 FPS
-Hawken ultra settings: 50-70 FPS while not in combat, 40-60 FPS while in combat.
I have had this PC for about a year, and it has done me well.

Please comment on this PC :P
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  1. I once had a similar build as this but however if you aiming to go low budget today, it would be better to go for an AMD apu or just save to increase budget.
  2. It would be easier to upgrade with and Intel chipset, but yes, amd would have been a better choice.
  3. I disagree. I personally would replace the motherboard as well as the cpu together(which I have planned to do) So you would still have the option to go AMD or Intel either way. Nowadays the AMD Kaveri APU are much stronger and is more viable as a low budget build.
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