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Asus DIRECT CU IIOC or MSI GTX 760 Gaming Edition OC or R9 270X Toxic?

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Asus GTX 760 Direct CU II OC or MSI GTX 760 Gaming edition OR Sapphire Toxic R9 270X OC

Total: 1 vote

  • Asus GTX 760 Direct CU II
  • 100 %
  • Sapphire Radeon R9 270X Toxic Edition 2GB OC
  • 0 %
  • MSI GTX 760 2GB Gaming Edition OC
  • 0 %
April 2, 2014 1:22:40 PM

Which one of these GPUs would give me <50 FPS in new titles & upcoming titles like:

Assassins creed 4
Borderlands 2
Skyrim + Ultra HD texture pack
Assassins Creed 3
Assassins creed Revelations
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
TES: Online
The Elder Scrolls VI
Borderlands 1
Battlefield 4 (Possibly)
Battlefield 3
And pretty much any game that is reduced in the Steam Summer Sale.

Also are there any PCI e 1x to 16x adapters so I could crossfire/SLI one of them?
April 2, 2014 6:14:29 PM

No, 16x PCI has to be built in and no such converters exist. And 760 is 7% faster than 270x.
April 2, 2014 6:17:17 PM

Also some games won't give you 50 frames in 1080p in that list including Ac 3 & 4 and battlefield 4.
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April 3, 2014 8:31:51 AM

I noticed how the Asus GTX 760 requires a single 8 pin PCI e connector, would this limit OC capabilities?
I also am looking at some video benchmarks online and they see different to what you have said.
April 3, 2014 3:27:30 PM

No. It won't limit Overclocking. You card will not work at wattage past what an 8 pin can deliver.