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Hello all!

Firstly, I'd like warn everyone that I am not as tech savvy as a lot of the community on this site (after reading some forum posts)
With that being said, I have recently added a Gateway SX2803-25e to my office after a friend upgraded and was giving it away. I didn't really know what I would do with it since I already have a Dell XPS 8300 but I figured, "hey, a free computer, can't pass that up."

What I am wondering is if there are any components of the new computer that I can add to my existing machine to upgrade/enhance it's performance.

The Gateway specs are:
Intel Pentium Processor E5800
Intel GMA X4500 Graphics Card
6 GB DDR3 Mem
(that is what is listed on the case, I haven't plugged it in and run it yet)

My Dell specs are:
Intel Core i5-2300 2.8GHz
AMD Radeon HD 6450 Graphics

I apologize if I am not giving the specifications properly, if you need anything else let me know and I can post it for you!

Thank you in advance for any advice! (I'm not attached to the new Gateway obviously so if it would be better to sell as a whole or sell parts individually let me know!)
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    Aside from the memory, which might not be an upgrade if the ram on the Gateway are slower or not consistent with yours (check cas latency, timing, voltage, and clock speed, I'm eyeing the hard drive. You can:
    1) Add it as a storage drive to your computer.
    2) Make the Gateway into a server to serve several roles such as data backup.
    3) If the 2 hard drives are the same clockspeed and cache size, you can change your hard drive configuration as RAID 0 via your BIOS setup then RAID setup, which will prompt you to enter it during POST to create the RAID. You will have to reinstall, etc but your disk read&write speed theoretically almost doubles in speed. It's basically pretending that 2 drives are 1. (Full wipe & health check "dskchk" of the Gateway's hard drive is highly recommended).
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