I was thinking of using a Monitor but a tv will do, but what size is best for driving games?

More specifically what is the optimal size for a tv or monitor for Gran Turismo 6? I just finished building my sim racing rig and am ready to move my ps3 into my game room. I was thinking of getting one of 2 monitors, Asus VG278HE or BenQ XL2420Z (There's a 24" Asus monitor with the same stats for cheaper but in a video game contest my nephew was in they were using BenQ).

Now for the same tv sizes, the prices are cheaper, but I want to know what the optimal size is for sim racing... I will be sitting about 4 to 6 feet away from the screen...
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    Personally, I find a 32" screen to b e perfect for that distance. That way, the screen is big enough to encompass most of your view, but isn't so large that you get lost in it.

    I personally recommend getting a Samsung UN32EH5000. It is a $300 32" screen with a native resolution of 1080p. I picked up 3 for my triple monitor setup, and I am absolutely loving them!
  2. thanks, I'm thinking I might go monitor though cause of the refresh rate but I dunno if the PS3 even goes over 60, the 2 monitors I listed are 144
  3. Any monitor over 60Hz is really only meant to be used for computers. Consoles do not have any benefit for 120/144Hz screens.
  4. ok
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