How to set up 2 HDMI Monitors and one DVI monitor on one Asus R9 280X GPU? (Card has 2 DVI, 1 HDMI and 1 Displayport out)

Can I do this?

I connected the two HDMi monitors, one to the GPU's HDMI port and the other HDMI monitor to the Displayport (through an adapter), Both monitors worked.

I tried adding the DVI (Viewsonic) and it worked, but it killed the display to my HDMI port (Display port still works). Puts me into a setup of one HDMI monitor and a DVI monitor.

When I use Windows 8 Screen Resolution, I select the HDMI monitor to 'extend desktop to this display' and I get a popup saying, The display settings could not be saved.

I want the Display to be extended across all three monitors. Not for gaming (currently).

Thank much in advance!
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  1. UPDATE: I got the two (HDMI) BenQ 24" monitors to work now.. but I had to disable the Viewsonic DVI monitor. LOL! How in the heck do I get all 3 to work?!
  2. i've been reading a lot cus i have a dual monitor setup that doesnt work with the dvi to hdmi adapter, and i think i read the answer for what ure trying to do and u need an active display port adapter
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