Microsoft Exchange Online Protection - Interesting take on Spam

Anyone else had to deal with this in the past couple of days?

We switched to Exchange Online Protection about a month ago for our spam filtration service (migrated from Forefront). Just today, we've been inundated by client reports that all externally-originating emails inbound for our exchange server are being bounced with error 5.7.0 - rejected by relay.

After freaking out for about a half hour and checking the settings on our exchange server, we came to find out that this was MS's pooch-tapping work. At some point, they changed some part of EOP and now lots of businesses are unable to send and/or receive email.

Now our CEO and CFO and everyone else in the building is coming back to the IT area to see if we're sleeping on the job. Imagine how little they care when we tell them this was only our fault insofar as we chose to rely on MS products.

I realize things break in IT, and often times unexpected things will happen, but this is just spam filtration - not rocket science.
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  1. I'm curious - why did you switch your antispam from what seems to be onsite to cloud-based? It would seemt that if you already host Exchange on-premise, why not keep antispam on your edge/gateway server?
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