which gpu should i buy in price range of around 8000 inr(133$-140$)?

to be combined with
intel i3 3220

usage: Gaming for atleast next 3 years(no neccesity of playing on ultra settiings, High/medium graphics will do)

which one should i choose?
nvidia gtx550 ti or amd 7770hd or nvidia gtx650 or some other?
if you can give reasons for your suggestion, i would appreciate that :).
please only suggest ddr5 ones.
just suggest cards, i will make sure i combine the right psu with it.
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  1. Hi Chirag ,
    You can use this :
    Pretty decent card , you need to cehck the pricing in India though as here in india we sell it at much higher rates...
    For that exact same performance you can also get a GTX 750 Ti , its just 15$ more , but requires less power performas almost the same.

    Both are amazing cards , i still would go with the nvidia option though.
    Also if you take that you should be even fine with a 450-500W PSU.
    So that should cut down your other componenet's cost.
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