Looking to sell my 670 FTW's one has been owned for about a year and a half the other for about 6 months. They both are healthy overclockers. really lucked out on that Silicon lottery. especially on the first one i bought. I run these with 4 screens. One at 1920X1080 and 3 screens at 5760X1080 for gaming. Holds at 60 FPS with Vsync on at high settings for all your standard popular games. Medium settings sometimes for BF4 at that resolution to be honest. I Have not once noticed them go over 72C on the hottest card. Looking for price *NOW $410* for the both of them shipped. Up for Selling individually if I get enough biters.

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  2. This will No longer be for sale at the end of the day on 04/13/14. Going to try elsewhere. Get it while you still can
  3. Is the H100 in the picture the same H100 that you are selling as new, and never out of packaging?
  4. negative. the one you see in this image is my own personal H100i. the one im selling, still has the plastic wrap around it even.
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    Hope it works out for you selling these. I'm a bit short but otherwise would be interested. Free bump :)
  6. Hey there,
    I'm currently a bit short on cash. If these two cards are still up for sale in a couple of weeks, post a new thread, or PM me, and I'll bite. Just have to sell my current rig, and I can start on grabbing parts for a new one.
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