Replacing XP/HDD to Windows 8.1 + SSD ... halp!!

SO Windows XP is officially dead ... RIP old buddy :'((

I decided it's time to enter the modern age with windows 8.1 and I picked up a Samsung Evo SSD to go along with it.

Currently, I'm using XP on an HDD, and when I do this upgrade I'm just gonna yank the HDD and use the SSD as the sole drive as it has plenty of space and it will be a new clean system.

My question is this - can I temporarily attach the SSD and format it, prior to pulling the switch?

I have heard that the 8.1 installer likes to automatically create its own hidden restore partitions and I don't want any of that. I want just 2 partitions, C for Windows and D for storage.

But I have also heard that SSD support on XP is trash, and that it's a pain to format and use SSD's properly.

What would you reccomend in this situation?
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  1. There is no getting around the Win 8.1 hidden partition, and yes, do not format an SSD on XP.

    Just use the Win 8.1 installer, but be sure to disconnect the old HDD first.

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