Third Graphics Card for Driving Monitor, Gaming Cards for Rendering

I have an Intel Extreme DP67BG board with (2) GTX560's (SLI ). My architectural software is not compatible with the gaming cards. I wanted to add a third card to drive the monitor for normal tasks; and leave the gaming cards for rendering only. It does have a standard PCI bus card available between the (2) gaming cards. I purchased an "open box" EVGA 512MB PCI card and installed it. The system halts and then restarts when this card is installed. But the restart does not drive the monitor, it hangs as if there is no signal; so I can't access the BIOS. Could this be a card issue,or an error with my approach.
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    What model EVGA card? What PCie slot does it need (X4,8,16)? What mobo PCie slot have you got it in?

    I have a feeling you haven't got another 560. You can only have only type of card at a time in your PC when it comes to SLI. To get this to work, you'll need to take out your 560s and put in the evga card. If you keep swapping cards over eventually you'll wear out or damage soemthing. I suggest you get another PC. It would be cheaper to get software that worked with the 560's.
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