VR Treadmill Virtuix Omni to Ship to Consumers September

Customers who pre-purchased the Virtuix Omni will receive the unit in September.

VR Treadmill Virtuix Omni to Ship to Consumers September : Read more
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  1. If I could play something like Battlefield in a good enough quality with something like this, I would definitely buy one. To me exercise is boring, this would help... YAY.
  2. oh gawd now you will look even more like a complete retard while gaming. Count me in on the lil bus with this!
  3. Oh gawd! I saw one of these at Dell World. It is really pretty big for $499. I can imagine walking all over Skyrim on one of these, talk about a work out, getting chased by wolves. When you walk to Solitude from Riften you would be WALKING from Solitude to Riften. I would get one if I had the room.
  4. They need to sell these at Sports Authority, not Game Stop. There is a whole new market out there with this kind of product.
  5. I would want to try this out before buying it. The concept is awesome, but I can imagine it feeling very awkward. I'm definitely interested though. Can you actually run/job on it? What about crouching? Is it durable enough to withstand hours of running? Most treadmills cost far more than this.
  6. I'm tired already from watching this, Can't wait to play all you lot in multiplayer that use this. Think I may have the advantage after just 1 hour of gaming and the rest of the night will be a breeze after you have collapsed. lol
  7. I want this for DayZ Standalone. Walking simulators like that would be quite the workout.
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