Need help building gaming pc around 500$


I cannot buy online and this store is where I'm gonna buy my pieces from, it is a little bit more expensive than buying online and I'm having trouble keeping everything under 500$. So that's why I came here. Can you recommend cheaper pieces that won't impact performance too much? Thank you, Here's my build :


AMD FX FX-6300 - 129$

Graphic card:


Optical drive - 25$







Hard drive:

SATA3 500.0 SEAGATE 7200.12 16M ST500DM002 - 65$



I also need W7 64bit - 125$

for now the build is at 777$, I want to be able to play newest games at medium-high graphic with 30+ fps. Again, thank you!
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  1. you should play games like bf4 ultra 35+fps.
  2. Thanks for answering, but the problem is that build exceed my budget of 500$ by 400$ with taxes, I need to go cheaper without affecting performance that much. Any Ideas? Thank you.

    Edit: If I go for an atlhon x4 750k is it going to affect my FPS? I heard that the lack of L3 cache hurts the games.
  3. W7 65 bit on newegg is like 90$. I would avoid a thermaltake PSU and stick with antec seasonic XFX or corsair if you can. MicroATX builds are known for being the worst motherboards. OPtical drive is a waste of money and power supply resources. Also that RAM is too much money, although Kingston is great for RAM you are on a budget. Any of the 1.5V 1600/CAS9 min RAM pairs will do (G.skill, ADATA, Corsairs whatever) for arond 60-70$.

    My suggestions would be cut out the DVD drive (you can install windows from a USB stick). Get a Full ATX board and a Hyper 212 EVO and overclock the 6300. If you never OC (would be a shame, a 6300 can match an 8320 OC'd), then you can stick w Micro ATX and ditch the Hyper 212 EVO cooler.

    gaming strictly? or do you do other sort of intensive tasks
  4. Thank you for answering, It's strictly for gaming, The reason I went for mATX was because it was cheaper, and I'd rather not OC cause I'd lose my warranty :D I will probably have to buy used pieces to cut down on price, buying locally is too expensive. As for the Optical drive I don't have big enough USB stick to hold a ISO of windows so I cannot cut on that either and that is the cheapest memory I can buy from my store. I'm pretty much beep

    Edit: I heard that thermaltake PSU were decent, It's true I only save about 20-30$ but are they really that bad? I could also try to save by buying Case + PSU combo?
  5. dang..What games are you planning on playing? an i3 might be better for you...might.
  6. i think some of the very high end thermaltake's are good, all the gold+ certified high ends from any manufacturer will be decent. i think that unit is at tier 5 unit. i dont recommend anything under tier 3.

    Tier 1=ideal
    tier 2=almost ideal, great overclockers
    tier 3= solid units, not recommended overclocking on one of these.
  7. Pretty much all recent game, BF4, Diablo 3, watchdogs, etc. I'm pretty sure I could go with a cheaper graphic card but I'm trying to keep it the most expensive piece of hardware in the system. Would you recommend going with an AMD atlhon x4 750k or it's not worth it and I should just go with an i3 and downgrade my graphic card to maybe a radeon R7 240 or 250
  8. imho you should buy online. If you cant your build is ok. If you need to spend $500 max then you should go:

    INTEL PENTIUM DUAL CORE G3420 3.20G/3M/S1150 $71

    No Optical drive and a cheap 1150 mobo. Its $150 less. Less performance too im afraid.
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    First I don't understand why you cannot buy online but your linking to a store's website. This seems fishy.

    Second all your choices are NOT viable for the titles and level you want to play. On PC side FROM SCRATCH you can't game those titles at the level you want today nor for the 2014, 2015 games expected on $500. Minimally $700 and that would be scrounging the Online Sales that wouldn't be available at most Brick and Mortar stores.
    The normal platform is on a i5, which can be had (off the shelf) around $349 with 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, DVD, W8 under warranty, then swap the PSU (PCPickParts 600W $90) for the GPU of choice ($149-$499) and can play those and any other titles AS EXPECTED PERFORMANCE LEVELS. Personally I would save up the extra cash ($8 Per hour Min Wage x8hrs per day =64 per day, x 5 days $300 + your $500 = $800) and instead go for the Lenovo / Acer deals of selling a i7 Haswell 'off the shelf' at Staples for only $549, toss the PSU and GPU done great gaming system. Best deals to find other then PCPickParts (if your techinically okay On Your Own to build a PC from scratch) would be on

    Third, as you keep indicating $500 is it, then forget PC, and go Console. You can get a PS3 / Xbox 350 for around $100 AND get those titles without worrying about "IF" your Console can "handle it". ANY choices we give you for PC you will CONSTANTLY have to check that and probably not to very very low settings to just 'play' at 15-30FPS maximum. Further Consoles last 10 years, which is TWO FULL PC replacements, because a 5 year old system isn't compatible / capable with the current hardware/software on the market.

    Somethings to consider.
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