Upgrading graphics or everything else?!!

Hey guys,
I understand this kinda post is common, but the answer is different for everyone, so couldn't make use of them,

I have a:

motherboad: p41-ES3G Gigabyte (775 LGA and DDR2 RAM)
CPU : Q8200 2.3 quad core
RAM: shitty, 4 GB ( 2 x 2GB) 400MHZ (that's what CPUZ says)
Graphics: GTX 560 ti
PSU: huntkey HK700-52 pp -- 700w
Monitor: 19" LG LCD 1280 x 1024

so I have about 400-420$,

I can either upgrade everything else to:
mobo: msi G45
CPU : i5-4670k
RAM: 8GB ( 2 x 4GB) G.skill 1866 or 1600
and keep same PSU and graphics

or upgrade graphics to GTX 770 and may be a new psu if I need (do i need to?)

I appreciate your advice, which do you think will give me a better performance upgrade?
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  1. Personally, I'd do neither, as it stands the current system should be well balanced and powerful enough to play all games at high settings at such a low resolution.
    Adding a GTX770 class card will be an upgrade, but it'll be wasted at that resolution, and severely held back by the current CPU.
    Moving up to a i5 is the reverse, the CPU will be held back severely by the GTX560Ti, even at such a low res.
    Only thing I'd change right now is that awful PSU.
    Hold off until you can upgrade to a better balanced build: the i5 plus at least a GTX770 class card and a 1080 monitor-trust me on the monitor, a 22" 1080 display will be a revelation in clarity over the current display.
  2. thx, ill probably upgrade both the pc and the graphics, just was wondering whom should I upgrade first and which one would give me a better improvement in the meantime,
    and thx for the suggestion, ill probably consider upgrading my monitor before the others.
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