Help, No post, asus formula maximus V, q-code 03 & vga-red

The story of how the problem started:
I changed the configuration at the bios, in order to use just the video card and not the one integrated in the motherboard. It restarted and no post. It loads the cpu, the ram but after that the motherboard displays qcode 03 and vga led is on, after that it restarts.

What I tried:
I tried using the cmos clear button, using just a stick of ram and the cpu, but I didnt have any luck.
I tried to restore the BIOS using the flash without results.

cpu: i7 3770k
Video card: nVidia 9800GT
RAM: 1 slot used, corsair vengeance pro cmy16gx3m2a2133c11 (installed 4 GB)
MOtherboard: Formula Maximux V / with thunder FX

So => I would like to know if anyone could help me, its hard to return it to MBA.
Thank you for your anwers.
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  1. Is the BIOS set for PCI as the primary video source?
  2. Yes, the BIOS was set for PCI as the primary video source.
    BTW: Sorry for the late reply
  3. Might try Pulling the DRAM, remove power, Clear the CMOS, then start with 1 stick of DRAM and see what happens, let me know
  4. I did it twice with no solución to my problem
  5. May want to bench to ensure no shorts anywhere, have a guide that may help here:
  6. Thanks Tradesman1, Did it twice without chances in the results. Btw I checked the GPU and the PSU, and those componentes work, I read a lot of posts here, and maybe if I use an actual GPU it would work. My guess is that, the problem is related to a driver with the old GPU, Any other idea? D:
  7. Have you tried the RAM in a different slot?, tried a different video cable, tried the DRAM in another rig
  8. I got 4 RAM, tried with 2 but I always get the video led light, I will change the video cable now, and RAM in a different slot. Hold on a second
  9. Same qerrors 62 and 03 and the VGA light, tried in a different slot. Still without post. Thank you again Tradesman1
  10. Might pull the guts and bench it, have a guide that might help here:
  11. I did it as you said, followed the guide but nothing D: . u.u
  12. Did you try without the GPU (using the onboard graphics?
  13. Yes but ._. I changed the config of the bios to use only the GPU, and that's why the problem started
  14. May be a bad GPU, or the power cables to the GPU may be bad, can reset the CMOS and should be able to use he onboard and then maybe try the GPU in another rig
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