Win7 on HD / other OS on 2 other Raid1 HD, should I delete OS on Raid drive?

I have 3 disk drives in my computer now. a 300 Gb and 2-250 Gb's in Raid1; I will save all of my data files to the Raid1 HD's. The Raid1's were in the CPU when I acquired this CPU, it had Vista as the OS. A friend of mine gave me a Win7 32 bit disk, I installed Win 7 on the 300 Gb disk and that is now the disk that I boot with and have my Program files on. Now that I have Win7 on the new larger drive should I delete win7 from the Raid1 drives? The Raid1 drives will be my data drives.
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  1. Yes, there is no need to keep a Windows 7 installation on the RAID now that you have it on the 300 GB and are booting from that.
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