Need little help with my AMD Eyefinity setup

Hey guys, so i need little help with this, im gonna be running a tri-screen 3X1, i currently have two Lg 22inch ips monitor and i'm going to be buying the 3th one this week, these two minitors have only Vga and Hdmi connections so the third monitor will also be from Lg but a different model with and Dvi-i display

These will be how i am gonna connect the tri-screen setup and i would like to know if it alright or i would have to do any other changes

First(left monitor) - Vga to Dvi(using Vga to dvi adapter)
Second(Middle monitor) Hdmi - Hdmi
Third(Right monitor) Dvi - DisplayPort( using a active displayport)

I would like to know if this set-up is workable cause both my other lg monitors don't have Dvi ports so i can't connect it from there, which best soloution i figured was to buy 3th monitor with a Dvi slot so i can connect to my dvi-active display port

I also have a R9270x Asus Graphic card.
Thank you
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  1. I would recommend using:

    First - HDMI to DVI-D
    Second - HDMI to HDMI
    Third - DVI-I to DisplayPort (using active).

    It's best to use all digital signals (VGA is analog).
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