how to install windows 8 in SSD from my Laptop HDD

i have original windows 8 single language in my laptop, recently i bought SSD and attached with now i want fresh install windows 8 there then upgrade that. but i don't have windows 8 DVD. i downloaded many windows 8.1 from torrent . some are install and some are not. the version install if i update then after update it show error (this error

so i want to install windows 8 then update but how can i install that form my HDD. HDD have OS and Restore i think. normally how laptop is coming.

or is there anywhere i can download windows 8 dvd then i use my product key for install
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  1. You cannot install Windows 8 from your HDD to your SSD. you'll need either a usb or a DVD for that, just burn it and done. The data will stay on your HDD and the OS aswell. So it'll be a dualboot. If you want a clean installation then i recommend you to put your data on a USB and format everything. make sure you install your Windows 8 on the SSD.
  2. Suggest you create a Recovery Drive on a USB Pendrive (16 Gb usually enough, depends on size of your Recovery Partition) then you have a solid backup for the future and you can install it on any blank drive. Type 'Create' at your Start Screen and choose 'Create Recovery Drive'. Remember to check the box to copy your Recovery Partition.
    Then swap drives, boot from USB Pendrive, choose language, Troubleshoot and Advanced Options . Reset your PC and you're away...
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