gtx 760 - 780ti Gigabyte vs MSI vs EVGA vs Asus. Winner = Asus.

So I have been swapping out graphics cards with Fry's Electronics since November. I have used the 760 gigabyte windforce, 760 msi twin frozr, 770 evga, 780 evga ftw, 780ti EVGA sc, 780ti EVGA sc w/ ACX, and EVGA 780ti reference model, and the 780ti Asus Direct CU II. From my experience I would not ever bother with Gigabyte or MSI, both of the brands brought me nothing to the table but a butt load of power usage. NOW onto the dreaded EVGA brand. I know most love EVGA and talk so highly of them buuuuuut don't fall for the gimmick that is ACX. The acx coolers are quite, until you hit 35% fan speed and then 40, and then 45 and then 50, OH I'm not done yet. More problems at 70%, oh 75% too? ANYWAYS I went through FOUR 780ti EVGA w/ ACX cooling, each of these coolers have a problem with rubbing on the housing and make a terrible noise. I decided to go with the reference model 780ti by EVGA, was a nice card while it ran at 83 degrees Celsius(which is it's throttle temp) while just playing Elder Scrolls online.......... So I took that pos back as well. Now I am onto the Asus Direct CU II and loving it, no problems what so ever. No loud hissing coming from my case because the fans are hitting the cooler housing. If you are thinking about buying a good overclockable graphics card, just get the asus with direct cu II, the ACX coolers are meh. My ASUS card is running the same max clock speeds my ACX was and 10 degrees cooler. Need I really say more???? I was able to get my ASUS card up to 1100mhz base 1166 Boost, and a memory clock of 7800mhz. I currently get 52.8 GPixel/s a Texture fillrate of 264 gtexel/s and a bandwidth of 374.4 gb/s. If you really just want to save yourself from stress and keep an extra 20$ in your pocket just go with the ASUS card.
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  1. I'll agree, I've been favoring their CU (both nVidia and AMD) cards for a long time now, great cooling and they generally always OC well
  2. Ya I am full fledged Corsair, ASUS, and EK now lol
  3. Sweet rig, and I love your (my) avatar... ;) Open this page up to all posts and you can get dizzy :bounce:
  4. TY, it took me awhile to get all the money together but it was well worth it. Hehe ya I liked the avatar so I had to grab it :D
  5. I don't think ill ever buy a non Asus card again from either NVidia or AMD from here on out. They are the best non reference designers, best cooling solution, and the most quiet. I have had some good cards too like the MSI TFiii, the Saphire Vapor x (?) and the xfx designs, none compare the direct CUii cooling from Asus.. MAYBE the TFiii is the closest when it comes to build quality, but even their coolers have cheapo fans.
  6. @tradesman
    i thought it was you responding to yourself at first... so used to seeing that avatar.

    i have alot of respect for evga. their customer support is top notch but i agree their products are only average.

    the best coolers are likely the gigabyte windforce, msi lightning and asus direct cu ii. out of them my preference is to the asus. while it doesnt get the best scores for db, temp or performance it hits a solid middleground score.
  7. @ssddx

    I've been robbed, opened this up and for a sec thought, what was I doing ? ;) It can make you dizzy depending on how the page comes up
  8. Best answer

    well at least yours doesnt creep people out. i've had people say to me that my avatar changed on them and suprised them. its because i have the static delay set for a long period of time.
  9. I like it! Am hoping for some free time (ha ha) coming up, want to to play with some ideas for avatars, but am doing a printer thing now, and the Z97s are due out in a less than two weeks, want to get a new mobo and play with it before the new 4970K and 4960K come out, not to mention everyday work ;)
  10. if you didnt mind something like a static image or a simple animation i could whip something up for you. it wouldnt be as fancy as blackbirds though... graphic design is only a hobby now not a profession.
  11. would have to be better than Blackbirds for sure....just kidding...I used to do a fair amount of graphic design, but it's been years ago, haven't really even given thought to what I want, I generally change the Avatar every few months to one of my preferred brands, had one of an assortment of GSkill products when I joined here, have had this close to 6 months now, will see what I can think of ;)
  12. well, does it even need to be pc oriented? you could have anything you know :P
  13. Don't know, as mentioned other than thinking of changing haven't given it a lot of thought....maybe something with my CM GTS V8 cooler
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