Selling an i5-2500k Brand New ***SOLD***

Selling a brand new i5-2500k for $209.99 shipped. Free one day shipping. No international shipping. Item is located in Ohio, USA. Paypal.

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    EDIT: OK then !
  2. Hate to be this guy, but you're probably not gonna have much luck at that price.

    Why? Well, I can go to right now, and buy an i5 4670K for $209.99 with free shipping. See the link below:

    Same price as yours, but this one is 2 generations newer(uses less power, better performance) and it's from an official retailer so there are no worries of scamming or anything as it comes with a warranty. Not calling you a scammer, but, people don't tend to trust other people online.

    I would probably guess it's worth more like $150...? Not really sure, but that seems more reasonable to me than $210.

    By the way, how in the world do you have a brand new(I assume it's sealed?) 2500k in 2014 lol? Just curious.

    Anyway, just trying to help you out man. GLWS.
  3. Yeah it's sealed and I bought it a year or so ago when I built another pc and never sold it because I thought I might use it for my newer build but then decided I wasnt going to bother overclocking so I went with a 3570.
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