27" Multi-monitor gaming question

I was interested in purchasing a multi-monitor gaming setup and was curious if I could do the following:

- Purchase one 1440p monitor to play some games at UHD (2560x1440) (middle display).
- Purchase 2 additional 1080p monitors and then drop the 1440p monitors resolution to 1080p for triple monitor gaming for certain games(BF4, Skyrim, FSX, for example)

I was considering doing this with a single GTX 780ti.

It seems like the best of both worlds, but afraid I'm overlooking something..

Any feedback you can provide would be appreciated.
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  1. Or buy one massive 30 inch 2560 x 1600 one and be happy like me.
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    If you want three 27" 1080p monitors, here's a great one for multi-monitor setups:

    Great price, too!
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