Will this setup work? I want to hook up a monitor and TV to a single PC

I have a computer that I use for everything... im running a 560TIx448 graphics card (with the mini HDMI out)

My problem is that ive been playing games on my tv and my back is starting to hurt so I want to actually hook it up to both my TV and a computer monitor at the same time, but only use one at a time (so i dont want to have to unplug and plug stuff in all the time)

The TV runs at 1080P and the monitor i got is one of those 2500x1080 ultrawide ones.

What would I need so that I can have both hooked up at the same time, and easily switch between the 2? would a simple HDMI splitter work along with just my Nvidia control panel?

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    You can run a total of 2048x 536 with a 560ti. You get 2 dual link dvi and one mini hdmi connector. Your monitor is going to use most of the available pixels available.
    You could use one at a time though. Is there a vga input on the tv? If so, I think you should use it running off the 560's dvi-i port with a dvi to vga adapter.
  2. I'd prefer to run everything through hdmi so I can use my tv speakers sometimes. I'll never use them at the same time as they're facing different directions.
  3. I am not quite sure about the question but: If you are looking to be able to switch from monitor to TV without physically detaching or unplugginng, you can do that with the Nvidia control center program.
  4. Yes exactly, but what hardware do I need as well? Just an hdmi splitter?
  5. Hook the monitor to dvi and the TV to HDMI
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