Building Lite Gaming Computer/Multi Media with Budget of $350

This is my first attempt to build a computer and i know i don't have much to work with, but i've already bought 4 sticks of 4gb kingston blu 1600mhz and i'm planning on reusing my current hard drive. - This is what i have picked out currently looking for a relatively small build for gaming mainly minecraft and other emulated games/ media playing.

Any suggestions for parts? CPU/GPU Thanks!
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    Looking pretty good. Just remember, I wouldn't choose a PSU until after you get all your parts. You won't know how much power you need just yet. And, your gonna want to spend the the most $$$ on you GPU:) Lastly, ditch the AMD and go for an Intel i5 haswell unlocked CPU. Any more without a budget would be no help to you.
    Check out this link to build a pc, helped me out when I was just getting started:
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