Need a Good Gaming Desk

So I bought this "Gaming" desk from Walmart for 100 bucks but its way to flimsy for my 24 inch asus.

Anyone have any suggestions on a SOLID gaming desk, I need something that's not going to cause my monitor to flap around every time i go to move my mouse.

My price range is around $300
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  1. Look into standing desks. I recently converted from the tried and true sitting position to the experimental and dangerous position known as "standing". At first I was skeptical, but have grown to love it. Give your feet a few days to get used to standing for extended hours. This has been a huge help to my back and arm -> mouse ergonomics.

    If you want to save money, turn your dresser into a desk...I did. put monitor on top of dresser, pull out first drawer of dresser. Put a surface down on top the now open drawer. Put keyboard and mouse on surface. Done. This also helps save space in a smaller room obviously. You can still use most of your dresser for clothes. Personally I don't wear clothes, but you can store other things there too like cheetos and mountian dew. I like small things that are also cheap. You may want a bar stool or high chair to use when you become to lazy or drunk to stand. I love my dressputerdesk and I know you will too.
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    Have you tried walking around OfficeMax, OfficeDepot, Staples or Ikea? Target even works. I'm using an old desk from my Uncle (have been for the last 10+ years), and it holds up my incredibly heavy 600T, two 27" monitors, and the rest of my peripherals just fine. I believe the desk is from Ikea, too. So the only way, aside from vouches, to test if a desk is sturdy, is to actually see and touch them.
  3. I have a few ideas now, but i think your right enemy. What I really need to do is go to Ikea, put my hands on the desks and test how sturdy they are.

    Are you enemy enemy from CS 1.6? I cant remember the clan but i recognize the first generation tag.
  4. can get furniture at office supply stores and ikea? Whoa.
  5. I did play 1.6, but have no relation to Fnatic's enemy back then.

    And yes, a lot of places sell furniture, you'd be surprised.
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