Help me decide wtf is broken in my new build!

New i5 build, asus h87-lga socket 1150.
had it up and running 24 hours. it failed. wouldn't do anything with multiple PSUs....RMA'd the board.

got new board in today, set it up.....hit power switch...psu fan comes on, CPU turns once and stops, turns again and stops...then cranks up full blast for 3 seconds, and comes down to a whisper idle.

DOES NOT post or beep.
took out RAM...nothing
took our video card and ram....nothing.
no beeps, no post, no video.

bad CPU??
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  1. Check to see if any of the cpu pins are bent that might be a problem
  2. Since the pins in a 1150 socket are actually in the board...I'm going to assume that they're ok. otherwise I'd have two boards in a row that were garbage. and i want to avoid taking the heatsync off again. unless i'm sending the chip back
  3. This happens often...usually it is because the leeds are the wrong way or some kind of cable mis match....
  4. Sorry just got back from school, Yeah check all connections and see if they are loose, or wrong direction/spot
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