Looking for some advice on Monitors

Hey everyone, long time lurker here.

Ive currently got a:
I5 3550
16Gb rams
24" LG LCD + 20" dell monitor
and a R9 290

now i've been thinking of upgrading my monitor to something with more real estate either surround screens or maybe a 4k. I currently have a secondary 20" Dell monitor, but it has solid red line through it which is a bit annoying . So been looking around at various monitor options. I do some gaming, as well as modding games, so 3d modelling and texturing. then the usual watching movies, browsing etc, but I cant make up my mind which would be the best option to go for and I was looking for some opinions.

First there was Dells 29" ultra wide screen which is 2560x1080 60Hz which is 699NZD (btw im in New Zealand)

Second option is to get 2 more 24" screens which are about 220NZD (I know there is some issues with multi screen gaming with regards to FOV and such.

Third option would be to get just a 28" 1080 screen about 600 - 700NZD

Fourth could be get a 28" 4k screen but I would need more GPU power. and the screen is a LU28D590DS 899NZD ( which is one of the screens that can display 4k at 60hz over Display Port) but Ive read on a bunch of sites that to get decent fps 4k screens need crossfire R9 290xs to run newer games. Would crossfire r9 290s be ok ( I know it wont get same performance as the 290x but it would be better then a single 290). Another 290 is about 600 NZD

I figure that in the long run getting a 4k screen would be the best option even though its a tad expensive. Then also there is the Oculus rift coming sometime next year or so I think, but that is another whole topic altogether.
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  1. Hi and welcome to the forums!

    don't go 4k yet, still fairly new and your GPU will struggle if gaming is a priority. I would opt going for Dell 29" ultra-wide monitor, they are very big and have great visual experiences. I would also recommend going multi-screen, though don't expect every game to work but most of the popular games do, and there aren;t any huge issues with it, the FOV isn't stretched but is basically extra FOV in the two side screens, the middle is the same.

    I'd wait for 4k to be more introduced as it is still fairly new, as the prices are so high, they will fall later on, that's when you get them.
  2. Thanks, I ended up settling for the 29" ultra widescreen for the extra real estate without the bezel.
  3. great choice, hope all is good. If you have any other questions, just ask and we'll gladly help.
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