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I just downloaded Google Chrome after having Internet Explorer 11 since I've gotten the computer. Is there anything better about Chrome or are they both about the same?
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  1. i used to be a die-hard user of internet explorer for many years but for the last several years i've been using nothing but chrome.

    i find chrome to be much better.

    -typing a non-address in the title bar acts like google search. fast and convenient without needing the special search bar you can add to ie.
    -chrome seems to be less buggy and results in less page issues with some scripts.
    -chrome places tabs in the title bar. this saves on vertical space and also allows a bigger area for tabs.
    -chrome doesnt have the file/edit/view/etc.... menus (honestly they arent needed for the web browser in most cases) and combines it all in one menu.
    -chrome has a neat little web store for adding scripts and extensions.
    -i like chromes app page and also how you can hot swap between different services from google when logged in. multi-account still needs a bit of work but in general its pretty convenient.
    -one thing i do like about internet explorer is how delving into the settings is a bit easier. its a bit convoluted in chrome and takes longer to figure out whats what. another thing which bothers me is how i keep having a few settings defaulted every time the browser updates to a new version. i like having the app home menu not a page as my start... and i keep having to re-enable the setting. a minor beef though.
    -i like having chrome themes. it makes my browser look really nice when i start it up.
    -the bookmarks bar on your new tab page is convenient. better if you have things in folders though.
    -chrome seems faster than ie

    ultimately its anyones choice as to which layout they prefer and which options they prefer but i can say that chrome works great for my uses.
  2. internet explorer 11 is better.
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