Suggestions for Gaming/YouTubing/School Computer please help me!

Hello there people who know more about computers than I do. I am 14 and Im saving to build this computer. I was wondering if there are any ways I can save money and still get good performance while recording Minecraft game play. Thanks for the help!
My PC:

Also I have the motherboard, RAM, and CPU under custom parts because its a combo from newegg.

Just so if you have problems finding it here is the link:
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  1. An update to my build just the monitor:
  2. Any gonna help me?!
  3. @Danbuscus25 can you help me?
  4. looks pretty good :)
  5. Danbuscus25 said:
    looks pretty good :)

    Do you think there are any ways I could save money and still get the same performance while recording?
  6. Best answer
  7. Thanks man you have helped me in the past with all of my questions and you continue to be helpful!
  8. no problem :D
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