Can an Intel(R) G33/G31 Express chipset family run skyrim?

I might upgrade my graphics card since it's not the best bun can I run skyrim on atleast low settings with 20-30 fps? Thanks.
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  1. Sorry, but that is a miserably outdated chipset, and i highly doubt you will be able to get more than 15 fps with it. It will be a terrible experience and will ruin the awesome world of Skyrim :D. You should consider buying a dedicated GPU. However, I might be wrong, so please double check and go to and see if your computer can run it. Also, do a google search, because we don't want our amazing forums to get polluted with questions that have already been answered years before. ANyway, hope I helped and best of luck!

  2. Yeah, I knew it wouldn't work. I might just get a new GPU or PC. Thanks.
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