250 watt PSU with a Nividia Gefore 8400 GS

Now, i have a 250 power supply (as stated in the title) and i want to know if it would be able to support the following graphic card:


By the way, I know that the Evga site states it recommends a minimum of 350 watts, but i have heard of it being possible to use less.

My PC Specs if needed (completely stock, besides artic silver 5 thermal paste)


Oh, and if you do recommend me to buy a new PSU, what PSU would you recommend? (Links provided please :]) Thanks for all the support ! ~
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  1. I recommend that you upgrade your psu to an antec vp-450 this way if you want to upgrade your gpu in future you can.
  2. Antec 380 earthwatts is good for lower end systems.
  3. Are there any compatibility issues i should watch out for? ( PSU) besides the size of the power supply
  4. What do you mean give me an example.
  5. In order to install a power supply, are there any compatibility issues i should look out for, like if i buy a new psu, could there be anything that go wrong, besides the size of it, or the amount of watts.
  6. If you don't buy a good quality psu then it won't deliver enough power to your system or enough power on one rail to power your system.
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