ASUS Z87-PRO - disabling onboard sound also disables DVD-player

Hi all,

I just built a system with a ASUS Z87-PRO motherboard, and I have an external soundcard I want to use instead of the onboard one. Problem is, if I disable the onboard sound, the DVD player stops working. It's not even listed in BIOS. If I enable the onboard sound again, the player shows up in BIOS again and in device manager. I want to install Cubase, and for that I need to have onboard sound disabled, and my external soundcard active, and Cubase is on a DVD (otherwise I rarely use the player so I wouldn't bother about it this very minute). The external soundcard is a Focusrite Scarlett 6i6. Any ideas why this is happening?

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  1. Ok, I'm not sure if this is a motherboard issue or not, or my external soundcard messing things up. If I disable onboard sound WITHOUT having my external soundcard plugged in during startup, the DVD is there. In other words, I have to plug in the external soundcard USB cable after logging into Windows... which will be a major pain in the ass. Also when the Focusrite soundcard is plugged in during startup it takes forever to boot the computer, and one time it crashed the system. Not sure what to do about this problem...
  2. Continued... I bypassed the startup problem by not having my external soundcard plugged in, then I plugged it in after logging in to Windows. The DVD player was there, and I started installing Cubase. Additional software was on a second DVD, and as I switched discs, the DVD player was no longer there. I'm not sure where the problem lies here... it's just very weird.
  3. Anyone?
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