msi r9 280x problem, need help

I got this graphics card a couple days ago, it works fine, except when I play graphically intense games. PROBLEM: When I play a game with amazing graphics it disconnects the monitors, all 3 of them.
I can play the following games and probably more without crash:

Bioshock Infinite - ultra settings
DayZ Standalone - ultra settings
Fallout 3 - ultra settings
Call of Duty 4 - ultra settings

Those are the ones I tried.
The following games disconnect the monitors and the amount of time I got to play the game:

Battlefield 4 - medium settings triple monitors - 2-3 minutes of play time
Far Cry 3 - Very High - 5 minutes
War Thunder - Very High - 2 minutes

Those are the games I tried and it didn't work for long. Please help me, I've tried everything I can think of. I checked the graphics card in the computer, it's installed correctly, I installed the drivers for Catalyst Control Center, and I also installed the msi drivers on their website. I don't know what to do, I feel like it's a driver problem.
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  1. I have the asus r9 280x and I've never had those problems with 2 monitors. try rolling back a couple of drivers - in some cases on my old GTX 650 my driver would suddenly crash and cause the screen to become black and i was forced to shut the pc down. I fixed it by increasing the power limit or voltage in MSI afterburner i believe. don't take my word but you can try it.
  2. what do you mean by rolling back a couple of drivers? download old drivers?
  3. yeah
  4. RanriZedd said:

    where would I install old drivers?
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    go to the and website and find a old driver for the r9 280x. uninstall the current driver in your control panel. then reboot your pc and install the downloaded driver and reboot again. it should be good now. if that doesn't work increase the power limit in the CCC.
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