Intel Core i5 4440 vs Intel Core i5 4570?

i will be using it as a gaming pc playing games such as gta (gta 5 if it comes out) and i will be hoping to keep the computer for about 5,6 years so is it worth spending a little bit more and buying the 4570 or will i be okay with the 4440? bearing in mind I'm trying to keep the build to as cheap as possible, but still get great quality, so, what should i choose?
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  1. Since you don't appear to be an overclocking enthusiast, it would be better to go for the best price. You won't be able to tell the difference between those two processors in everyday usage.
  2. the difference is probably somewhere around 10%, barely noticeable
  3. Considering the very small price difference. I would go with the 4570.
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